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Last update: February 6, 2022

Group Control

Green-GO Groups function as party-lines as all members can talk and listen simultaneously.

Groups Overview

The Groups view displays a list of all created groups with details on their status and input levels. Multiple Groups can be selected and edited simultaneously. The list of groups can be sorted or filtered by any of the available columns, making it easier to search through a large number of groups.


Groups view fields

Group State

The Group State shows the channel state of the group with the highest priority.

Group ID

The fixed Group ID is a unique identifier for every group as well as the default sorting order of the group list.

Output Level

The output level shows the current combined level of all active users on the group. this is a "calculated" combined level. The actual mixed level is different on each device as their own input is not mixed to the local output of the device or mixed on a different level.

Active Users

The Active Users column lists users assigned to the group with talk enabled on the channel.

The Navigation bar displays the window title and offers several action buttons.

  • DETAILS This button opens the selected Group's window. Multiple groups can be selected and edited simultaneously using the checkboxes. The Details button is only active if one or multiple group(s) are selected. When multiple groups are selected, only the Settings tab is available.
  • ADD The Add Groups wizard is started, enabling the creation of one group or multiple groups simultaneously.
  • DELETE Deletes the current selected Group(s). This button is only active if one or multiple Group(s) are selected

Create Groups

Creating one or multiple Groups is done by pressing the ADD button in the navigation bar. This will start the Add Groups wizard, which will guide the Group through a few simple steps to create one or multiple Groups. The wizard can be finished after each step by pressing the CREATE button. Pressing the NEXT button will continue Group setup for the additional steps.


The Create Group Wizard can be started from any place in the application by pressing Cmd or Ctrl+G

Basic step


  • Group Name Sets the name of the Group(s)to be created
  • Group ID Sets the ID of the first Group to be created
  • Amount Sets the amount of Groups to be created
  • Color Assigns a color to the Group(s). Color assignment can be used for visual grouping on devices and in the Green-GO control software

Group Names

The Group Names step becomes available when multiple Groups are added. Each Group can be given an individual name. Duplicate names will automatically be given a numerical suffix.

Group View

The view of a selected group shows the members of the group and their activity.

Members Tab

The Members tab shows all current members of the selected group. It is possible to make a user or user member of a group For a user or device to become member of a group it needs to have the group assigned to one of its 32 channels

The Members tab shows all current members of the selected group. To add a user or user as a new member of the group, the group needs to be assigned to one of the user's or device's 32 channels.


Subscribing members to a group

There are two ways to make a user or device a member of a group;

  • Assign the group to one of the user's channels. This provides direct control on the channel that the group will be assigned to.
  • Drag and drop a user or device from the tree to a group in the Groups view or to the member list in the Members tab. This will assign the group to the first free channel of this user/device.


The Member column shows the names of the group members and their corresponding channel state. The members' channel states are indicative of which member is sending out which signal.


The Channel column indicates what channel this group is assigned to by the group member.


The VU meter shows the level of the signal that the group member is sending to the group.


The Status column shows a description of the status of this group member.

Settings Tab


The Settings tab displays the properties that define a group.

  • Name The name of this group, If no display name is given this will be displayed on the device.
  • Display Name The display name is optional and limited to 8 characters. If a display name is entered, it will be displayed on the device.
  • ID the ID of a group is not editable and is defined when a group is created.
  • Description The description is an optional extra field for administrative purposes.
  • Color Sets the color of the group. The color is displayed on devices and in the software when a group is assigned to a channel. This makes it easier to visually distinguish different assignments.

Drag and Drop Groups

A Group can be dragged from the tree and dropped to any of the following places

  • A channel on the channel list of an user. This assigns the group to the target channel, making the user member of this group.
  • A screen part of a device graphic from a device profile or Device. This will assign the Group to the channel associated with the screen part. If the function of that screen part is not a channel it will find the first free channel and set the function accordingly.
  • A Special channel assignment on a Special channels card this will assign the group to the special channel of the associated user or device.
  • On a Flexlist this will append the group to this flexlist

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups