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Last update: February 6, 2022

The Heart and Center of Operation


The left hand Config Tree is the heart of navigating through the elements of the config. It allows to quickly navigate to any User, Device or other element.

The main elements of the tree can be expanded by pressing the right arrow. This will display all available children. The element can be collapsed again by pressing the down arrow.

Clicking any of the main elements will open the overview page with all of the element's children. Clicking one of the children will directly navigate to the main page of that item.

The tree can also be used to drag-and-drop different elements to the main window for quick assignment.

Tree-nav The Tree Nav Icons will indicate which of the tree items are folded and unfolded. clicking one of the icons will unfold this item and fold all others. This can be use-full for larger config files to prevent scrolling in the tree by only unfolding the element that is currently needed.

Clicking the Search Icon will show a text box which can be used to filter all tree items with the given text string. e.g. typing stage will display Users stagemanager, stage left, Group Stage and Room Backstage. Clicking the X will clear the filter.


The icon of a tree element and the individual tree icons can get a color coded badge indicating the status of the tree element. Badges ordered by priority from low to high:

the user has one or multiple device(s) that are out of sync

this user is lost; all devices with this user are not seen on the network anymore.

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups