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Last update: February 6, 2022

Application Tools

Save to devices

The Save to Devices button stores the current running configuration of all adopted devices into permanent startup configuration. This is necessary to allow devices to function completely without the Green-GO control software.

An orange badge will indicate a difference between the current running configuration and the startup configuration. Indicating the need to store this changes on the devices.

Executing the save to devices command will interrupt communication for up to a second. Do not use this function during a show situation.

Start a setup assistant

Setup assistants will help you create new configuration items, simplifying basic tasks like creating a group to more complex tasks like setting up an IFB. These assistants will guide step by step through all the necessary steps to setup these new items.

  • Create User(s) assistant - create one or multiple users including device profiles
  • Create Group(s) assistant - create one or multiple empty groups
  • Create Room(s) assistant - create one or multiple rooms, optional assign the room to users
  • Create Template assistant - create an empty template
  • Create Script assistant - create a script and optionally upload an existing script
  • Create IFB assistant - create all the necessary components for an IFB
  • Create Party-line assistant - create a party-line group including members
  • Create One to Many assistant - create a one to many group where one user can talk to multiple other users - these many will reply to the one without others hearing.

Getting support

The support function enables remote secure SSL access over the internet, allowing a known person to access the application. This person can see the entire config and statuses of connected devices. And can be granted acces to also change all properties of the config. The connection is ad-hoc - meaning the ID and password combination is only valid for one session - and is not supposed to be an unattended access connection.

support connection To set up a remote support session, click the 'enabled' button. A cloud generated ID an password will be provided to ensure privacy. The ID and password can be given to the person intended to provide the support. As soon as the connection is established, the status will change to 'connected' and the icon will change to: . The remote user can now see the application. To allow editing of by the remote party make sure to thick the edit checkbox. By changing the button back to 'disabled', the connection is immediately broken.

copy the ID and Password

To easily share the ID and Password use the button to copy the combination to your clipboard and paste it directly into your chat or mail application of choice.

Remote support does NOT mirror the screen. The person providing support can only see and change all config settings. The support connection does not change the view of the local application either. For training purposes where mouse pointer movement and screen views are necessary, a third party application like Team viewer can be used.

To enable providing support, the application needs to be started in support mode.

Providing support

To provide support, the application needs to be started in support mode by pressing the SUPPORT button from the opening splash screen. You will be prompted with a screen to enter the Connection ID and password.

When entered correctly you will connect to the remote site and are able to navigate through the application and view all properties. with edit enabled on the remote side it is also possible to control and change the remote application and devices.

  • All Changes, settings and statuses are shared live between the receiving and providing support sides.
  • All levels are NOT shared between the two sides, the providing side will not see the active levels on the receiving side

folder-solid File menu

The file tool enables the current config to be saved to disk, a new config to be started or a previous config file to be loaded.

Loads a new, empty config file. The name and sample rate need to be determined
Loads a new config and starts the Quick start wizard with the default settings
Enables accessing and loading previously saved *.gg5 config files
Saves the current config and all settings to a *.gg5 file
After entering a (new) file name and location, saves the current config and all settings to a *.gg5 file

A previously saved (partial) *.gg5 file can be merged into the current file. Previously created sections like users or templates can be easily imported into the current config in this way

When Merging Config Files

Parts of the current config can be overwritten when merging config files. For example; if a user with ID 1 exists in both config files, the user in the current config file will be overwritten by the one in the previously created config file upon merging. A merge action cannot be undone, therefore be sure to back up your config file before executing a merge.

Importing V4 legacy files

Green-GO 5 offers the option to import legacy config *.ggc files. This is done by simply opening a *.ggc file.

The following items will be crated and assigned

  • create groups (Id and Name) for each V4 GreenGO Group
  • create users (Id and Name)for each V4 GreenGO User
  • Set special channel properties for each user (Assign announcement, Emergency, Program audio; program level and dim)
  • Assign channels for each user (Assignment id, Talk mode, Call mode, Priority and Listen)

Other properties and Config settings are NOT imported as there is no unambiguous way to convert these. The original file will not be altered, the file needs to be saved as a new *.gg5 config file. there is no option to convert changes back to V4.


Global application settings and preferences can be modified here.

Opens the appearance view where application appearance can be adjusted.
  • Application size Scales the content of the application to give more room or clarity on various screen resolutions and systems. options: small, normal or large
  • Tooltips Gives the option so disable tooltips. options: disabled or enabled
Temporary locks editing or changing the config. When an admin password is set this password is needed to unlock editing again.
Gives version and build information on the current running software


The Help button will open a new window containing the manual, which can be browsed and searched through. The latest version of this manual can be found on

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups