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Last update: July 15, 2021

User Properties

A Green-GO user is the definition of a role or a person. a user can hold all information on routing, behavior and preferences. loading a user on a device will set all this properties in the device. a User can talk to a Group or another User.

User ID

All users have an ID. This ID is set on creation of the user. it can not be changed after creation. User id's 1 to 3000 are available

User Name

A user needs to have a name. the name can be edited in Green-GO control after creation. the user name is limited to 30 characters.

Display Name

A user can have a short name. If no short name is defined devices will display the first 8 characters of the user name

User Description

An Optional description can be set for a user. This is for administrative purposes in the Green-GO control and has no function for devices nor will be sent to devices.

User Color

A user can have a Color assigned.

Available colors
  • Not set, default color is used
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple

User Type

The user type defines the amount of channels that are available.

it is possible to change from a normal user to extended and vise versa, or change number of extensions. changing from or to Line in/out is not possible after creation of the user.

User Types

  • Line In/Out User
    • Line in/out
    • NO special channels
    • NO 32 normal channels
  • Normal User
    • Line in/out
    • Special channels
    • 32 normal channels
    • NO extensions
  • Extended User
    • Line in/out
    • Special channels
    • 32 normal channels
    • One or multiple extensions

It can be Usefully to create a Line In/Out users for interface ports. this allows for easy (pre)configuration of Interface ports where the basic Line In/Out mode is to be used. Loading a Line In/Out user on a interface port will automatically set the port mode to Line In/Out mode and set the Line in and Out groups accordingly.

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups