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Last update: July 15, 2021


User Access

Each user can have restricted access to certain menu items. When the user is loaded on a device the menu items can only be accessed with the tech pin-code. this can prevent users to make unwanted changes on the devices.

property description
Channel level When disabled the adjustment of individual channel levels from the device is blocked
Access menu when disabled the full device menu is blocked
Config When disabled the device menu config is blocked
User When disabled the device menu user is blocked
Channels When disabled the device menu channels is blocked
Special channels When disabled the device menu special channels is blocked
User settings When disabled the device menu user settings is blocked
Audio When disabled the device menu audio profile is blocked
Device settings When disabled the device menu Device settings is blocked

Load User


Each user can have a 4 digit pin-code. when a pin-code is set for a user, the pin-code needs to be entered on the device in order to load the user.


On a corporate event the client also uses the Green-GO system to share confidential information. Blocking the channels menu will prevent other users to assign this group with confidential information to one of their channel and listen to the group. By giving the users created for the client a pin-code also loading this users with access to the confidential group is blocked. The confidential group can now only be heard by the client, but the technicians keep the freedom to fine tune their device.

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups