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Last update: June 30, 2021

Green-GO Properties

Green-GO devices have a lot of settings and properties to configure and customize the behavior of the device. they are categorized in cards in the software or in main menu's on the devices.

Audio Settings

The most important settings of the Green-GO device are done here! only when making sure the input is setup correctly the best audio quality is possible.

Bridge Port

All Green-GO bridge ports share the specific set of properties to setup a connection.

Button functions

On some devices like the multichannel X the function of each button and respective touch screen part can be mapped to a special function.


Each user can have its own unique set of channels. all routing and special behavior is setup here.

Device Settings

All devices have hardware specific settings which are done in this menu


Users and devices have a flexlist with user and group assignments


Some devices have a general purpose in/output to interface with other systems. trigger Green-GO events by external inputs. or control external systems on Green-GO events.

Line In / Out

a device can have a general purpose line in/out or a port can be set to line in/out mode. then this settings are used.


A device can be locked in several manners. for obvious reasons this menu is not found on the devices but only accessible via the Control software

Special channels

on top op of the regular channels there are a couple of listen only channels with special functionality. they can be setup here

User properties

The user properties define who or what the user is.

User settings

the User settings define global paremeters on how the user communicates. special channel by channel adjustments can be done in channels

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups