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Last update: November 18, 2021

Line In / Out

a device can have a general purpose line in/out or a port can be set to line in/out mode.

Line In

  • The line in can be used to send audio to a Group.
  • When the line in is part of a multichannel station it can simultaneously be used as audio source for the User. This is done in the audio profile.

Line In Destination

The line in destination sets the group to the incoming audio is send.

Line In Gain


The gain of the line input can be set. This is one of the most important settings. As setting the gain to high will distort the audio. Or setting the gain to low will cause a low signal to noise ratio

  • -9dB to 31dB

Line In Compressor

The compressor reduces the dynamic range off the input signal by reducing the louder parts of the signal. Making it less likely to be distorted. when enabled the attack and release time of the compressor can be set.

  • Off
  • Fast
  • Medium
  • Slow

Line In Gate Threshold

The gate cuts of audio when below the set threshold. This is very use-full to keep the intercom system quiet and calm. A correctly set gate will only "open" the microphone when a user is talking. It will turn the mic off when the user stops talking.

  • Off
  • -50dB
  • -45dB
  • -40dB
  • -35dB
  • -30dB
  • -25dB

Line In Gate Hold

The gate releases as soon as the audio is above the set threshold. the release time can be set with the gate hold. together with a correct set threshold the gate will nearly not be heard. This option is only available when the gate threshold is not OFF

  • Fast
  • Medium
  • Long
  • Extra Long

Line Out

  • A line out can output the Audio from one group on the network.
  • When the Line out is part of a multichannel the output can also have the Main output mixed in. This is done in the audio profile.
  • The output level only adjusts the level of the Line Out Group not the main mix.

Line Out Source

The line out group sets the group from which the audio is send to the output.

Line Out Level

The line out level sets the level of the line out group to the line out.

  • Mute
  • -40dB to 12dB

line Out Loopback

line out limiter

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups