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Each User or Device has a flexlist. The flexlist is a list of up to 20 users or groups. This list can be used as a quick access tool for users to re assign one or more of their channels. The flex list card is found on the User and device settings view

Supported devices

  • MCX series; multi channel X desk and rack
  • BPX series; Beltpack X and Wireless beltpack X
  • WPX Wallpannel X

Creating a flex list

Groups or Users can be assigned by drag and drop from the Tree to the Flexlist. The new Item will be added to the bottom of the list. The order of the items in the flex list can be changed by drag and drop inside the flex list. A right mouse click on an item in the list gives the option to delete it.

A flexlist can be stored as a template to re-use it on another user or device.

Using a flexlist

To use a flex list on one of the supported devices the device needs to have a user with a flexlist assigned. Set the channel mode of one or multiple channels to Flex. pressing the touch screen part of the channel now brings up a window where one of the items of the flexlist can be selected. Once confirmed with an encoder click the channel assignment will be changed to the desired user or group.

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