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Last update: July 20, 2022

The Green-GO 5 Control Software


When Green-GO started in 2011 the target market was between analog party line systems and the big matrixes. As Green-GO got more ant more accepted and preferred it changed the use cases. Not only smaller companies started replacing their analog party-line systems but also larger companies started to replace their matrix style systems because of the flexibility and cost. With these changes in use cases the original control software reached its limits. The software was originally designed as an off-line tool, used for pre-programming the config. With some additional on-line features.

The firmware got some changes and additions. but there was still room for improvements. Therefore we re-started the complete development. Both the Control software and the firmware got redesigned from the ground up.

A complete overhaul

In the last years Green-GO has grown to be an inspirational player in the intercom market. Green-GO has been listening carefully to its customers, their use cases, needs and feedback.

  • For starting users it was needed to get the system quickly setup and running with some guidance on the use of the system
  • For advanced users more complex functions were needed
  • A full online control system was needed including multi user scenarios
  • Adding a graphic approach increases visibility and quick access

New functions and features

Green GO control

As the system was re-designed from the ground up. New technologies have been implemented.

  • A complete new Software-to-device connection ensuring reliable communication
  • A improved audio engine allowing better quality on the same bandwidth.
  • True cross platform and multi user design allowing for the same simultaneous experience on Desktop (Windows and macOS) or Tablet (Android and IOS)
  • Cloud based solutions for Site to site communication, remote management and support. making the setup of such connections a breeze.

Together with this technological advantages Green-GO 5 is packed with improvements and new features

  • 3000 individually configurable users
  • 400 groups
  • Selectable sample rate, 16, 32 or 48 kHz with audio bandwidths of 8,16 or 24kHz
  • 10ms headset to headset latency.
  • the same network bandwidth with the double the audio quality
  • Rooms, to allow specific behavior of devices in te same physical space
  • Channels have numerous extra options to fully customize the behavior
  • Device profiles to allow exact pre-production minimizing on site setup time
  • Customizable default config
  • Quickstart and Setup wizards to help users create various parts of a configuration
  • Full live control and monitoring of ALL settings and levels

Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups