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Last update: March 25, 2024

Software Release Notes (release)

2024-03-14 · macOS | Windows

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  • S#464 Resolve application freezing when attempting to save a flexlist to a template
  • F#991 Implement Level meter in MCX line in/out gain adjust view
  • F#1153 Disable changing names of un-adopted devices
  • F#1156 Resolve Assigning a flexlist template creating empty assignments in the flexlist
  • E#104 Release Beta flags from support connection
  • S#338 Implement CSV event logging, documentation
  • S#457 Implement Low RSRP warning for CBRS devices
  • F#941 Implement Sync all users to devices from the device tree context menu
  • F#1023 Implement Identify devices in the quickstart step adopt devices
  • F#1150 Implement RSRQ in the CBRS device card
  • F#1151 Implement ICCID in the CBRS device card (Release)

2023-11-21 · macOS | Windows

  • S#204 Check the checksum of a binary script before importing preventing to crash the application
  • S#407 Disable saving and loading channel talk states to prevent talks being turned on loading a file
  • S#425 Improve multicast subscription on file load
  • S#442 Remove red cross on MCX PGM audio group when source is available
  • S#447 Implement functional VU meters for bridges in dashboards
  • F#1062 Remove Remote app audio profile source property
  • F#1084 Implement maximum character inputs to match device capabilities
  • F#1066 Full IFB setup guide should assign line in-out user instead of group
  • F#1123 BPX 2 view menu can break down when multiple devices are selected
  • F#1135 MCX extension page 3 channels are offset by 1 (Release)

2022-04-20 · macOS | Windows

  • S#357 Implement warning message for CBRS battery below 5%
  • S#412 Implement pool status incomplete, do not show a pool as lost when not all devices are not connected
  • S#419 Implement more error codes and warnings. complete overview
  • S#429 Implement Remote device connection diagnostics
  • S#432 Implement CBRS connection diagnostics
  • F#1107 Clarified dashboard edit buttons
  • F#1110 Implement Mac address column in network items (visibility disabled by default)
  • F#1036 Implement no battery charging state
  • F#1115 Implement RDX relay properties for scripting
  • S#400 Incorrect firmware loaded on some devices
  • S#408 Line in/out user does not load the right input gain form file.
  • S#409 Loading a Line in/out user on a Dante Interface does not work correctly
  • S#417 False triggering of error Sending on port 5810 failed
  • S#418 Save and load the Created at, Saved at and Software version
  • S#425 MCX extension data is not stored in device config
  • S#428 Crash when invalid user id (text) is entered on creating a user
  • F#1072 WPX load template list not populating
  • F#1073 Creating a line in/out user has device profile option
  • F#1092 Clock dashboard card missing remove and resize buttons
  • F#1108 Focus not correct in save as modal
  • F#1114 User interface crashes on empty BPX sports channels
  • Platform and performance updates

5.0.3 Release [Build 5011]

2022-07-14 · macOS | Windows

  • S#392 Implement special channel poperies in scripting
  • S#398 Implement errors for unavailable network ports
  • F#1030 Implement Load default and Template for Config Colors
  • F#1046 Implement persistent scroll position in dashboard cards navigating back and to dashboards
  • F#1046 Implement program audio setup assistant
  • F#1048 Implement config color Cue Ready
  • S#217 Reliable connection state in multi user session
  • S#369 Crash on OSX connecting WBPX
  • S#378 Autotalk state not displayed correctly
  • S#383 Adopt from control /join from device not always successful mostly when save to devices is active
  • S#385 Wireless device shows offline after re-connecting
  • S#397 Clear config lock when opening new file while locked
  • S#395 macOS clients report correct username instead of root in multi user or support sessions
  • S#396 Undesired user type change to Line in/out
  • F#1032 Disable sync when multiple devices are selected
  • F#1034 Dect settings clear and load default options not available in device profile
  • F#1042 Handle moving out of a volume up or down button while button is pressed correctly
  • F#1044 Reverse OTA and X-pool icons
  • F#1049 Properly clear selection on page size change and removed items
  • F#1051 Enable selecting SI4wire port in IFB setup assistant
  • S#1055 Handle channel assignments of non existing users to prevent malformed device graphics
  • Multiple device profiles not working/present in add user setup assistant
  • Resolve wrong firmware or no firmware loaded during update WBPXi, Beacon and various others

5.0.1 Release [build 4765]

2022-04-21 · macOS | Windows

  • F#1039 Add missing GPO functions for Cue's
  • S#374 Implement firmware update to single *.dfp package for all devices simplifying firmware updates
  • Implement Remote Green-GO Talk app as device
  • Implement Software version check in splash and about windows
  • Allow the use of a - as a separator for readability in cloud id's and passwords
  • S#370 Flexlist keeps references to deleted groups or users
  • S#371 Clear a empty Flexlist breaks drag and drop
  • S#372 the device WBPX**SP** not visible in the software
  • E#77 Removed menu's from documentation window (Windows).

5.0.0 Release [build 4460 - 4432]

2022-02-09 · macOS | Windows

  • F#1011 Added a DECT card to the BPX device profile.
  • F#993 Cloning a script incorrectly creates a new template.
  • F#994 Tables in the rooms setup assistant are broken.
  • F#997 Initial application scaling on a fresh instal is not correct.
  • F#995 Interface ports do not feature an input source select (Line In/Out mode).
  • F#1006 Device dashboard cards are now sorted by type then by ID (same sort as tree).
  • F#1018 Configuring the DECT region of a WBPX device does not work.
  • S#333 The Flexlist may cause incorrect out of sync when joining a configuration.
  • S#335 A device may ask for non-existing config password when attempting to join a configuration controlled by the application.
  • S#336 Users may convert to Line-In/Out type when loaded on to an interface port.
  • S#345 Changing the device name of a WAA antenna does not update name of the corresponding access point in wireless view.
  • S#348 Implement external network settings for Bridges.
  • S#350 Wireless beltpacks with an & in their name won't show characters after the & when disconnected
  • S#351 Application may crash when connecting or disconnecting USB devices.
  • S#353 Joining offline devices can potentially fail.
  • Fixed various problems with the light theme.
  • Fixed various problems with function toggles on the front end.
  • Fixed various scaling issues on the front end.

5.0.0 Beta Release Candidate 2 [Build 4221 - 4220]

2021-12-21 · macOS | Windows

  • S#331 Devices may clear their settings when re-opening the software.

5.0.0 Beta Release Candidate [Build 4205 - 4200]

2021-12-17 · macOS | Windows

  • F#988 Added a light theme to the application.
  • Re-worked the wireless programming and setup assistant.
  • F#944 Implement zooming of the script editor according to the application size.
  • F#890 Templates for user settings card don't work.
  • F#983 Selecting and viewing multiple users breaks device profile graphics.
  • F#945 Script editor is missing icons.
  • F#946 Group and room members are not folded; a device should be a child of a user, except when not in sync.
  • F#947 Channels view behaves badly.
  • D#934 Drag and drop can break application wide.
  • F#949 Si4W breaks if set to Line in/Out mode.
  • F#938 Resolve highlighting issues in script editor.
  • F#936 Item order in the config colors card is wrong.
  • F#935 VU-meter is missing in some change gain windows.
  • F#943 Drag and drop on flexlist is broken.
  • S#300 Scripting | (or) and & (and) operators do not work.
  • F#956 Remove delete button in the line in/out users view.
  • S#302 Multi-port devices do not get the correct out of sync status when one of the ports is out of sync.
  • Make setup assistants better accessible to allow return key for the next step.

5.0.0 Beta 3 [Build 3972 - 3962]

2021-10-08 · macOS | Windows

  • F#698 Implement one-to-many setup assistant.
  • F#699 Implement party-line setup assistant
  • F#700 Implement IFB assistant.
  • F#491 Add VU-meter to gain level dialog.
  • F#860 Add context menu to a device's VU-meter to change its gain.
  • F#862 Show differences before syncing from or to user or device.
  • F#865 Display what button is what number in the MCX button functions
  • F#875 Make the table in the Wireless Pools card customizable.
  • F#876 & D#349 Iron out differences between default values in soft and firmware
  • F#858 Attempting to append to a template will create a new template.
  • F#859 Clear (single) property does not work properly.
  • F#866 Arrow key navigation on tree does not work on all users, templates and scripts.
  • F#869 Starting a drag action from the tree will sometimes change the row height of overview tables.
  • F#876 A card's defaults may differ from the configuration of a newly created user.
  • S#254 Support connection can crash the support receiving side.
  • S#255 Resolve device not connecting to the application after being connected locally and later remote.
  • S#261 Configuration password breaks multi-host session.
  • S#262 A WAA Antenna should not show up in the device tree.
  • S#271 Changing the name of the antenna device does not change the name of the Access Point until restarting the software
  • S#269 Wireless Devices may lose their user settings when the software is (re-)started into a configured system.

5.0.0 Beta 2 [Build 3587 - 3582]

2021-07-20 · macOS | Windows

  • F#856 Device name missing in miniatures.
  • S#260 Re assigning channel with the same type (user or group) did not work.
  • Script compiler stopped working after compile error.

5.0.0 Beta 1 [Build 3553 - 3549]

2021-07-16 · macOS | Windows

  • Graphic device representation.
  • Live preview of input levels.
  • Drag and drop functionality for assigning channels and devices.
  • Custom dashboards for easy system monitoring.
  • Cloud-connected support access.
  • Templates to quickly copy and paste any group of settings.
  • Selective merging of configuration files.
  • Configuration access protection with two access levels: One for monitoring/joining a configuration and a second one for admins.
  • Added full multi-session support for software on the network.
  • One software and UI combines all previous software packages.
  • True offline pre-programming through device profiles with access to all settings and functions.
  • Improved autosave function. The user will only be asked to save if unsaved changes are present.
  • Improved firmware updates. Both via network and USB connection.
  • Configure state colors for the entire system.
  • Redesigned configuration setup assistants for quick initial setups.