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Last update: March 26, 2024

Device Release Notes (Release)

2024-03-14 · Download

{++D#FIXME do not display, but the first item of this is broken. Added CSS display:none with the attr_list extension below to hide this in the output.

  • D#485 Scripting, Implement Setting and getting MCX button page
  • D#687 Scripting, Implement the option to use channel colors
  • D#690 Scripting, Implement the option to use config colors
  • D#732 Implement ICCID for CBRS beltpacks
  • D#732 Implement Setting PLMN ID for CBRS beltpacks
  • D#734 Implement battery SOH for CBRS beltpacks
  • D#736 Improve bridge primary and port status screens
  • D#738 Implement CBRS module restart form device UI
  • D#478 Resolve audio gaps in group bridge connection
  • D#504 Display configured User/Group name on bridge port when NOT connected
  • D#651 Improve WBPX name cashing, preventing "old names" to show up undesirably
  • D#652 Speed up storing device name change
  • D#693 Scripting, allow inline comments
  • D#729 Resolve clearing bridge diagnostics not functional
  • D#731 Resolve Calls or momentary talks from extended menu being sticky
  • D#731 Update CBRS cell id when changing cell
  • D#740 Resolve Original device firmware breaking after adopting a device causing the device to restart in boot mode
  • D#742 Resolve audio issues with Si2W on 48kHz configs
  • D#743 Improve Sample rate conversion from and 2 wireless for 48kHZ configs
  • D#744 Resolve Gate not functional on WBPX - causing high white noise levels
  • D#747 Resolve Interface xfrom 2-wire level not functional (Release)

2023-11-21 · Download

  • D#528 Implement visible and audible warnings for low battery.
  • D#578 Extended gain range for headset inputs was 30 to 60 dB is now 10 to 60 dB
  • D#671 Scripting, implement global channel events documentation
  • D#494 Unify 4wire input levels
  • D#579 Original multichannel user pin popup not functional
  • D#614 Full initialization of wireless connection before sending and receiving of audio is allowed
  • D#620 Resolve Bridge external ports not upgrading from link local when DHCP server becomes available after self assignment of IP
  • D#621 Speed up storing of wireless pairing
  • D#627 Improve battery state of charge readout accuracy
  • D#643 Disable channel assignment for 2 wire ports when no user is assigned
  • D#654 Resolve SI2WRi needing a autonull after send to devices
  • D#659 Resolve Wireless antenna or Wireless beltpack randomly dropping DECT connections and require a power cycle to recover
  • D#661 Scripting, ignore channel index [0] (Release)

2023-04-20 · Download

  • D#389 append serial to device name after factory reset
  • D#518 RDX relay available via scripting engine
  • D#533 WBPX audio quality improvement
  • D#602 Implement script full screen take over for complete screen on mcx and wpx ui.draw[0]
  • L#004 TFT screens might start up with white blocks instead of text
  • D#532 Improve WBPX sample rate conversion filter
  • D#383 Ignore encrypted audio when encrypted
  • D#494 Interface X 4-wire input 6dB to hot
  • D#516 Direct channel not displayed on beacon
  • D#562 Interface X does not initialize properly after boot clear.
  • D#568 WBPX can disconnect when lot of properties are changes simultaneous, for example changing a user
  • D#585 MCX extension channel status dependant on the presence of Green-GO control
  • D#587 WBPX semi shutdown possible
  • D#589 WBPX display flip does not move power-off confirm button
  • D#580 (W)BPX security channel level blocks PGM encoder function.
  • D#590 WPX security access menu does not block menu access
  • D#603 Bridge can drop connections and needs a power cycle to re-connect remote devices
  • D#609 Mcx audio chopped on specific channel configuration/count
  • D#612 Remote devices reconnect after viewing connection settings
  • D#623 Mcx extension channels are always present
  • D#626 Mcx does show popup for channels on extensions
  • D#628 Interface X display does not start before DSP initialization
  • D#648 Unexpected power cycle on beacon when specific color and intensity are present
  • D#650 Devices can develop crashed audio engine causing loud screeching or white noise, or become unresponsive sending or receiving audio (Release)

2022-07-19 · Download

  • D#500 X pool Antenna number visible in encoder pull screen to show connected antenna
  • D#538 Original Multichannel implement listen state on bottom buttons/LEDs
  • D#561 Implement Cue Ready color
  • D##498 Implement special channel properties in scripting engine
  • D#495 SI 4-wire Line inputs 18db to low
  • D#534 Prevent undesired wireless property change (dect region or pairing) triggered by power cycling WBPX
  • D#539 Make identify visible while in device menu
  • D#540 Change Identify time to 5s to make device unresponsiveness shorter
  • D#544 Implement name cashing in WBPX to speed up load times and fix jumpy user/channel assignment menu's
  • D#547 Fix stop in data throughput from Green-GO control to WBPX (config colors not updating)
  • D#548 Resolve undesired channel behavior where specific configuration/talk sequence can make audio present on undesired channels
  • D#549 Sports Beltpacks enable screen backlight after screen saver
  • D#555 Resolve 2WR autonull fails after memory clear
  • D#557 Speed up storing changes from Green-GO control in persistent memory
  • D#559 BP2 shows talk active color when a talk is active
  • D#567 USB connection initializes properly on WBPX, speeding up connection on windows and preventing connection fail on macOS (Release)

2022-04-22 · Download

  • D#501 Implement M.A.C. address in info menu
  • D#530 Disabled 48 kHz for original 2 and 4 wire interfaces due to lack of resources
  • D#482 Performance update for 48kHz configs on multi-port devices causing display lag
  • D#490 Performance update for 48kHz configs on Dante X/96kHz dante causing audio drop outs
  • D#493 Script options missing on Dante X
  • D#494 Performance update for 48kHz configs on Wireless causing Dect drop-outs
  • D#499 answer is active while in extended channel view
  • D#500 GPIO output mode talk triggers on local talk
  • D#504 Initialize Remote connection buffers properly (not 0ms)
  • D#506 BPX extended channel view channel 32 not displayed when on channel 31
  • D#511 Local IFB not functional on Dante X
  • D#512 MCX user interface not stable - random button presses - on specific devices
  • D#514 MCD24 buttons not functional (Release)

2022-02-09 · Download

  • D#464 Implement a roaming threshold.
  • D#443 WBPX sends a call signal when powering off in 2-Channel mode.
  • D#447 Dante interface not properly initializing network and DHCP.
  • D#450 Local IFB is missing on Dante devices.
  • D#472 Clearing a WAA antenna is not working properly (OTA).
  • D#449 Random user can be created when loading a user on a device (especially on WBPX).
  • D#460 Wireless devices do not get all properties right.
  • D#461 Force Reconnect on a WBPX device takes too long.
  • Script to script communication not functional (Release Candidate)

2021-12-17 · Download

  • D#326 Ignore the first button press when a device is in screensaver sleep.
  • D#317 Wireless beltpacks don't get correct names when connected to an antenna.
  • D#336 Button actions and functions for BCN not yet defined.
  • D#381 Random unexpected button presses/encoder actions on MCX(D) devices
  • D#385 Loading a User without Green-GO control running is not properly working
  • D#377 MXC headset bias voltage property is inverted
  • D#391 MCX-EXT is not respecting the config colors and they are offset
  • D#391 MCX-EXT listen on talk is not working
  • D#393 A received direct talk is not displayed on a interface port
  • D#415 Load user popup blocks user pin-code popup (Beta 3)

2021-10-08 · Download

  • D#350 A device's status LED should blink when identifying from software.
  • D#332 Dante firmware is missing.
  • D#333 Resolve bridge external DHCP address lost after 12H.
  • D#334 Channel colors are not working on BCN.
  • D#335 Talklight should trigger on Active VOX instead of Active.
  • D#338 Boot mode USB update failing due to boot timeout.
  • D#340 Low battery levels are not correctly reported and may crash a wireless belt pack.
  • D#342 Answer/Reply (Mode: Last) disables itself after two minutes regardless of ongoing transmissions.
  • D#343 A TFT screen may boot up scrambled.
  • D#345 The function Identifiy device isn't working on WAA antennas.
  • D#346 Q4WR sometimes doesn't initialize correctly after firmware upgrade.
  • D#349 The default property values across the different resets is not consistent.
  • D#355 Popups for emergency and announcement are not working
  • D#366 Sticky call when leaving the extended menu on a BPX (Beta 2)

2021-08-11 · Download

This firmware is a specific bugfix for the Quad 4-wire interface and is included in the latest firmware download of

  • Fixed a problem with Quad 4-wire interfaces that would not boot anymore after a firmware upgrade. (Beta 1)

2021-07-16 · Download

General changes

  • Internal scripting API allowing for complete control over the whole system or single devices.
  • Separate channel assignments for talk and listen for more flexibility.
  • New Flexlist channel mode that provides quick access to more channels on small UIs.
  • Added the channel mode No Reply to disable the Answer/Reply function on a per-channel basis.
  • Added the channel mode Reply Direct to make the Answer/Reply function always reply directly to the last active user on a channel.
  • New Auto Reply channel mode. This mode automatically replies to incoming audio communications on a channel. This is a powerful feature to enable automated responses on devices with limited user interactions.
  • Added the channel mode GPIO Control to enable silent triggering of GPIO integrations.
  • Added Rooms for better in-room communication with multiple stations and users (i.e., control rooms).
  • Added an Output property to route audio signals to specific device outputs.
  • New mode for the Answer/Reply function to the only answer the channel activated last.
  • New status menus for connection troubleshooting.
  • Added more states and colors to the system: Free, No Member, Idle Muted, and more.
  • Audio quality improved to up to 48 kHz sample rate with 16-bit resolution.
  • Improved headset-to-headset latency from 12 ms down to 10 ms on wired connections.
  • Increased the amount of groups/party lines from 250 to 400.
  • Re-structured the setup menu to be identical across all devices and software.
  • Reworked the Isolate function to be more versatile.
  • Reworked the Autotalk function to be available on every channel as a channel mode.

Device-specific changes

MCX & MCXD user stations

  • Added the ability to disable the touchscreens by deselecting the currently active Screen Mode.
  • Added multiple level functions for easy volume control.
  • Added a remote Mic Kill function.
  • Added button/screen assignments to the setup menu.
  • Added the second audio profile accessible to the setup menu.
  • Removed the Master connection mode and improved Local connection mode. Now, extensions can just be plugged into an MCX rack or MCXD desktop station without any further configuration needed.

WPX wall panel X

  • Added the ability to assign any channel or function to the Buttons and Touchscreen sections.
  • Added almost all functions that are found on the MCX rack or MCXD desktop station.
  • Removed user for second Green-GO Engine. The Output setting allows more flexibility with routing audio signals to multiple audio outputs.

BPX & BPXSP Beltpack X

  • Added timeout option for status LEDs.
  • Added option to disable extended channel view to setup menu.

WBPX, WBPXSP Beltpack X & WAA Antenna

  • Reworked DECT connections and pairings to be more reliable.