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Device Release Notes (2021-10-08)

  • D#350 A device's status LED should blink when identifying from software.
  • D#332 Dante firmware is missing.
  • D#333 Resolve bridge external DHCP address lost after 12H.
  • D#334 Channel colors are not working on BCN.
  • D#335 Talklight should trigger on Active VOX instead of Active.
  • D#338 Boot mode USB update failing due to boot timeout.
  • D#340 Low battery levels are not correctly reported and may crash a wireless belt pack.
  • D#342 Answer/Reply (Mode: Last) disables itself after two minutes regardless of ongoing transmissions.
  • D#343 A TFT screen may boot up scrambled.
  • D#345 The function Identifiy device isn't working on WAA antennas.
  • D#346 Q4WR sometimes doesn't initialize correctly after firmware upgrade.
  • D#349 The default property values across the different resets is not consistent.
  • D#355 Popups for emergency and announcement are not working
  • D#366 Sticky call when leaving the extended menu on a BPX (2021-08-11)

This firmware is a specific bugfix for the Quad 4-wire interface and is included in the latest firmware download of

  • Fixed a problem with Quad 4-wire interfaces that would not boot anymore after a firmware upgrade. (2021-07-16)

General changes

  • Audio quality improved to up to 48 kHz sample rate with 16-bit resolution.
  • Improved headset-to-headset latency from 12 ms down to 10 ms on wired connections.
  • Increased the amount of groups/party lines from 250 to 400.
  • Re-structured the setup menu to be identical across all devices and software.
  • Reworked the Isolate function to be more versatile.
  • Reworked the Autotalk function to be available on every channel as a channel mode.
  • Internal scripting API allowing for complete control over the whole system or single devices.
  • Separate channel assignments for talk and listen for more flexibility.
  • New Flex List channel mode that provides quick access to more channels on small UIs.
  • Added the channel mode No Reply to disable the Answer/Reply function on a per-channel basis.
  • Added the channel mode Reply Direct to make the Answer/Reply function always reply directly to the last active user on a channel.
  • New Auto Reply channel mode. This mode automatically replies to incoming audio communications on a channel. This is a powerful feature to enable automated responses on devices with limited user interactions.
  • Added the channel mode GPIO Control to enable silent triggering of GPIO integrations.
  • Added Rooms for better in-room communication with multiple stations and users (i.e., control rooms).
  • Added an Output property to route audio signals to specific device outputs.
  • New mode for the Answer/Reply function to the only answer the channel activated last.
  • New status menus for connection troubleshooting.
  • Added more states and colors to the system: Free, No Member, Idle Muted, and more.

Device-specific changes

MCX & MCXD user stations

  • Removed the Master connection mode and improved Local connection mode. Now, extensions can just be plugged into an MCX rack or MCXD desktop station without any further configuration needed.
  • Added the ability to disable the touchscreens by deselecting the currently active Screen Mode.
  • Added multiple level functions for easy volume control.
  • Added a remote Mic Kill function.
  • Added button/screen assignments to the setup menu.
  • Added the second audio profile accessible to the setup menu.

WPX Wall Panel X

  • Removed user for second Green-GO Engine. The Output setting allows more flexibility with routing audio signals to multiple audio outputs.
  • Added the ability to assign any channel or function to the Buttons and Touchscreen sections.
  • Added almost all functions that are found on the MCX rack or MCXD desktop station.

BPX & BPXSP Beltpack X

  • Added timeout option for status LEDs.
  • Added option to disable extended channel view to setup menu.

WBPX, WBPXSP Beltpack X & WAA Antenna

  • Reworked DECT connections and pairings to be more reliable.
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