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Known Issues

Below you will find a list of current known issues and feature requests at the moment of publishing. The most recent list is regularly published in the online version of this documentation

Please feel free to contact us if you think you've found a bug with the latest firmware and software build. We are thankful for every feedback, but please be aware that the quality of your feedback dramatically influences the chances for a quick fix.

Thank you for helping us to improve Green-GO 5. We're happy to have you on the team!

5.0.0 Beta

Feature Requests


  • F#864 Add multiple users at once with automated naming in the quickstart wizard of the software.
  • S#233 Implement bridge connection status.
  • S#268 Display status of (remote) USB devices when another software instance is updating the firmware via the network.
  • F#932 Add global settings to Quickstart wizard
  • F#944 Implement zooming of the script editor according to the application size
  • F#941 Implement sync all users to devices function
  • F#940 Implement snapshot functionality
  • F#937 Implement more drop zones for scripts
  • F#933 Make sync from and to user dialog better readable
  • F#932 Add global settings to quickstart


  • D#326 Ignore the first button press when a device is in screensaver sleep.
  • D#326 Implement screensaver on interfaces to show they are powered up.
  • D#375 Add antenna identifier to Encoder pull view on wireless beltpack

Known issues


  • E#77 Remove menu's from documentation window (Windows).
  • F#890 Templates for user settings card don't work.
  • S#266 Using a trunk or virtual IP on a network adapter can cause the devices to go offline (in the software, communication still works fine).
  • F#945 Script editor is missing icons
  • F#946 Group and Room members are not folded; a device should be a child of a user, except when not in sync
  • F#947 Channels view behaves badly
  • D#934 Drag and drop can break application wide
  • F#949 SI4W breaks if set to Line in/Out
  • F#938 Resolve Highlighting issues in script editor
  • F#936 config colors in the config colors card are not ordered correctly
  • F#935 VU meter is missing in some change gain windows
  • F#943 Drag and drop on flexlist is broken
  • S#300 Scripting || (or) and && (and) operators do not work
  • S#301 Scripting not working
  • F#956 Remove delete button in Line in/out users view
  • S#302 Multi port devices do not get the right out of sync status when one of the ports is out of sync


  • D#317 Wireless beltpacks don't get correct names when connected to an antenna.
  • D#336 Button actions and functions for BCN not yet defined.
  • D#381 Random unexpected button presses/encoder actions on MCX(D) devices
  • D#385 Loading a User without Green-GO control running is not properly working
  • D#377 MXC headset bias voltage property is inverted
  • D#391 MCX-EXT is not respecting the config colors and they are offset
  • D#391 MCX-EXT listen on talk is not working
  • D#393 a received direct talk is not displayed on a interface port
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