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Last update: December 7, 2023

Known Issues

Below you will find a list of current known issues and feature requests at the moment of publishing. The most recent list is regularly published in the online version of this documentation

Please feel free to contact us if you think you've found a bug with the latest firmware and software build. We are thankful for every feedback, but please be aware that the quality of your feedback dramatically influences the chances for a quick fix.

Thank you for helping us to improve Green-GO 5. We're happy to have you on the team!

5.0.6 Release

Feature Requests


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  • S#233 Implement bridge connection status.
  • S#601 Implement customizable waring's on properties I.E. send warning when RF is below level x
  • F#864 Add multiple users at once with automated naming in the quickstart wizard of the software.
  • F#932 Add global settings to Quickstart wizard
  • F#933 Make sync from and to user dialog better readable
  • F#937 Implement more drop zones for scripts
  • F#940 Implement snapshot functionality
  • F#941 Implement sync all users to devices function
  • F#996 Add input level to multi-port device graphics


  • D#326 Implement screensaver on interfaces to show they are powered up.
  • D#597 Implement button and encoder functions for (W)BPX
  • D#598 Implement popup size and transparency
  • D#601 Implement config update popup when a config is send to devices
  • D#606 Implement remote restart of devices
  • D#615 Implement listen touch functionality for special channels on button functions
  • D#631 Make gate state available as property for scripting and Green-GO control
  • D#727 Implement IPv6 support - needed for remote connections
  • D#741 Implement GPIO properties for Original wallpanel

Known issues


  • S#266 Using a trunk or virtual IP on a network adapter can cause the devices to go offline (in the software, communication still works fine)


  • D#446 Line out level 3dB to low
  • D#487 Channel LED colors do not update when screensaver is active
  • D#488 Devices with touch screen do not wake on touch when screensaver is active
  • D#530 Interface X does not support 48 kHz configs.
  • D#531 Improve bridge audio quality - lower input frequencies cause audible artifacts
  • D#632 GPI input function not read properly from memory after power cycle _applies to cough mute and answer/reply
  • D#740 Original Multichannel devices firmware gets corrupted after power cycle REVERT to 5.0.4 for MC series devices
  • D#742 SI2WR audio is not functional on 48kHz configs
  • D#744 Wireless connection has high noise level when no audio is present