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Last update: February 15, 2023

Green-GO v5 Dante update

As part of the upgrade to Version 5, Both sides of the Green-GO Dante interface need to be addressed. The Green-GO firmware is updated like any other wired Green-GO device, but the Dante chipset requires updating through the following procedure, using “Dante controller” software.

Start the Dante updater

dante updater Open the Dante update software by clicking on the Dante update icon within the Dante Controller software.

dante step 1

Override device matching

Within: Options/Advanced Settings; allow Imported firmware and override of device matching

Allow Override

Copy library file to local

In the Library tab Search for “GreenGO” and download the latest version and then select copy to local

  • If the copy button does not appear, please check for updates to Dante controller software


Start the update

In the Home tab open the imported firmware files dropdown, locate your device and upgrade


Update now

Check the warning and then press update now



Once rebooted the device should repopulate 8x8 and is ready to use

  • Double clicking on the GGO-DNTI, within the status tab shows the current firmware version


Written by: Henk-Jan Blok