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Last update: December 20, 2021

Getting Started

Green-GO can be regarded as a plug-and-play system. Capable of running on most local networks, the system is very flexible and adaptable, making it suitable for various applications. This quickstart guide provides a simplified process for users building a system for the first time, configuring a simple system.

Feel free to check out our documenation on the software, devices, or scripting API for more information on available configuration options and capabilities.

Tip: If you want to upgrade your systems and devices to Green-GO 5, check our upgrade guide here.

The physical network setup

Smallest configuration At its simplest, all you need is a PoE switch (to provide the data network and power), a couple of wired belt packs, accompanying headsets, and a handful of unshielded cat5e (or greater) Ethernet cables.

As soon as power is provided, devices will start and dynamically configure themselves to the network. Out of the box, new devices come with a default configuration with generic groups and users providing a plug-and-play system where no other network or configuration settings have to be amended.

If you want to change the network configuration, you can do it either with the Green-GO Control software or directly on the devices themselves.

Tip: Please check out our Network Advice for further guidance on your optimal network setup.

Written by: Skip Geldens, Timo Toups