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Green-GO 5: A feature overview

High Audio Quality & Low Latency

All wired Green-GO devices operate with up to 48 kHz sample rate and 16-bit resolution, resulting in roughly 22 kHz of audio bandwidth. The system default is a setting with a 32 kHz sample rate (15 kHz audio bandwidth) equivalent to the "Enhanced" audio quality in Green-GO V4. For low bandwidth applications, Green-GO supports audio with a 16 kHz sample rate (7 kHz audio bandwidth).

All wired audio communications in Green-GO are transmitted in 10 milliseconds (microphone to network to headphones), regardless of the audio quality!

32 Communication Channels

Each device or Green-GO Engine has full access to 32 independent communication channels. These channels can be assigned to either a user (for private and direct communication) or a group (party-line) and are highly configurable to fit almost every situation or need.

4 Special Channels

Each device or Green-GO Engine provides next to the 32 communication channels four extra channels that are primarily passive (listen-only):

Direct Channel
This is the only bi-directional communication channel of the four. This channel gets used when direct user communication is received from a user that isn't configured on any of the 32 communication channels.
Program Audio
This channel can transmit listen-only program audio and supports signal attenuation while receiving other communications on the 32 communication channels.
Announcement Channel
This channel can be used as a listen-only command channel. It transmits audio with high priority and attenuates communication of lower priority.
Emergency Channel
This channel disrupts regular communication to transmit emergency announcements to its subscribers. It comes with the highest priority and mutes other communications.

3 Communication Modes

Green-GO doesn't only support voice communication. The Green-GO Engine enables users to send and receive call signals and a three-staged cue signal for non-verbal communication.

Voice Communication
Green-GO transmits voice communication with 10 ms latency (wired) and up to 48 kHz, 16-bit audio quality.
Call Signs
Green-GO supports a two-staged call sign with alert tones on all devices.
Cue Signs
Green-GO supports a three-staged cue sign on all devices.

Flex Lists

The flex lists are a new concept introduced with Green-GO 5 to allow better access to more channels in small UI space. The flex list can be assigned to any channel on a series-x user station and enables the user to change the channel's target quickly.

Remote Support Connection

Green-GO 5 allows you to give a trusted person remote and secure ad-hock access to your application via the internet.

The remote support connection gives access to your entire configuration and system. Remote access can be quickly enabled or disabled inside the software and doesn't require any network configuration besides an internet connection.

Custom User Scripts

Green-GO 5 now allows full access via scripting API and allows for custom actions and integrations on all devices!

  • Do you want to open two channels with the press of one button?
  • Do you need a unique action or a whole chain of actions triggered by a user action or network packet?

The new Green-GO Control software will allow you to create your scripts with simple drag and drop actions or simply use scripts provided by other users.

Analog Integrations with GPIO

Many Green-GO devices feature a General Purpose Interface for easy interfacing with the external world.

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