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Feature Overview

General Features

Free Upgrade

The upgrade to Green-GO version 5 is free of charge and available for all existing devices and systems.

Go ahead and download it to experience a transformed Green-GO on your own devices.

Decentralized & Flexible

Green-GO doesn't require any central processing, making it highly flexible and not prone to general failure.

The only things you need to get started are an IP network supplying PoE and at least two Green-GO devices.

3000 Users & 400 Groups

Green-GO version 5 provides ample room for any type of application by supporting up to 3000 users and 400 groups in a single system.

This allows for systems with high device density and complex communication structures.

3 Communication Modes

Along with high quality and low latency speech communication, Green-GO also provides tools for non-verbal communications:

A two-staged call signal and a three-staged cue signal enable users to communicate effectively.

32 Communication Channels

Every device or Green-GO Engine provides full access to 32 independent communication channels.

Each channel can be assigned to either a user (for private and direct communication) or a group (conference or party-line) and are highly configurable to fit almost every situation or need.

New Features

New Application

We have not only re-written the complete software stack but also redesigned the user experience:

The new user interface of Green-GO Control 5 provides lots of quality of life improvements like drag and drop, device previews, live input levels, dashboards, and so much more.

Scripting Engine

Using the new Green-GO Control software, you'll be able to create your own scripts and customize the behavior or looks of your devices.

Furthermore, the new scripting engine makes it possible to integrate external functionality over the network using OSC or simple UDP network packets.


The new dashboards are freely customizable and allow you to manage, monitor, or diagnose your system effectively.

Each card can be customized and filtered to only show relevant objects.

Device Profiles

A device profile enables you to set up and store a device-specific configuration for your users, providing access to every device property and providing you with a graphical preview of the configured device.

As a result, you can create configurations and device setups precisely as your users need them to be.

Support Connection

Green-GO 5 lets you give a trusted person remote and secure ad-hock access to your configuration and system via the internet.

The connection only shares the configuration and status data to be lightweight and efficient.

Cloud Connections

The new cloud connection mode introduces effortless configuration setups for remote connections using a Green-GO bridge device.

Connections using the cloud usually don't require additional configuration to your outbound Firewalls.

Channel Modes

We've introduced the new channel modes to allow for a per-channel configuration of more complex setups.

With this addition, you will be able to quickly configure the behavior of a channel and, for instance, enable an auto-reply when receiving communications.


The Flexlist is a new concept to provide more flexibility to devices with limited UI space like belt-packs or wall panels.

Once configured, a Flexlist permits a user to easily switch a channel's target to a set of pre-defined destinations.

Listen Overrides

The new channel property Listen Override enables quick configurations where a user needs to talk to a specific target, but listen to different audio on the same channel.


A room defines the physical location of your users or devices. Once defined, Green-GO allows you to automatically dim communications coming from devices with the same room configured.

Channel Colors

You now have the ability to assign a color to your users and groups. This color is displayed on your devices and allows for better distinguishability between different targets.

Custom Default Config

It is now possible to save your custom configuration as a default on to your devices, making it easy to recall your known and tested setup at any time.

Config Merging

Green-GO Control 5 allows you to take the best parts of your configuration with you by merging selected components into your new setup.


Templates make it easy to reuse and propagate a defined set of properties to a specific device or user, thus making it possible to quickly create or configure many users.

Setup Assistants

Green-GO Control 5 brings new setup assistants that help complete tedious tasks like adding many users or setting up complex configurations like a full IFB setup.

Support for Tablets

Green-GO Control 5 is available as a remote application on Android or iOS tablets, enabling mobile access to your configuration and system.

Access Protection & Multi-Session

The new software enables you to monitor or control your system from multiple devices at once.

In addition, we have implemented a two-level access protection that provides either no access, only monitoring access or full access to the system and its configuration.

Secure Communications

Secure all your Green-GO communications with symmetrical AES-256 encryption to prevent potential eavesdropping.

Devices missing the encryption key will not be able to decrypt any audio comming from a protected source.


Better Audio Processing

The audio processing suite of Green-GO has been extended and now features a gate, compressor, and output limiter.

In addition, we have improved the routing of audio, giving you the ability to route any incoming audio signal to specific device outputs.

Faster firmware updates

Your firmware up- or downgrades will be faster and simpler after upgrading your devices to a version 5 firmware.

This is especially true for firmware updates via USB: The upload speed has increased almost threefold.

Higher Audio Quality

Version 5 adds higher audio qualities and enables users to communicate with up to 22 kHz of audio bandwidth (48 kHz sample rate) without increasing the maximum network bandwidth requirements.

Improved Latency

We have lowered the general communication latency of a Green-GO system by 2ms.

Your communications will be processed and transported from microphone to headset in 10ms (wired).

Improved Battery Life

We have improved the energy efficiency of the WBPX and WBPXSP devices.

Using version 5 will increase the battery life of your devices quite substantially.

Wireless Pools

We have reworked the wireless connection setup, making the setup more transparent and robust.

We also simplified the basic Over the Air pairing and added X Pools with up to 7 antennas and four belt packs.

Custom Status Colors

It's now possible to configure your custom status colors for every Green-GO device available.