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The WPX Wall Panel X

WPX Dynamic View

The Green-GO Wall Panel X is a compact wall mount station that provides direct access to three channels (either a single user or a group). The Wall Panel X is thought to serve two separate functions:

  • An intercom user station with communication via either handset or headset.
  • A powered loudspeaker for monitoring a selection of intercom channels.

The WPX Wall Panel X features a full-color TFT touchscreen that indicates the name, volume level, and status of a channel or function. The three pushbuttons next to the touchscreen are used to operate up to three channels simultaneously. The touchscreen itself enables the operation of many other functions available. A multifunction encoder allows for easy volume adjustments and menu control. In general, the user interface of the wall panel allows for complete customization to allow for many possible integrations.

For voice communications, the WPX Wall Panel X provides a Neutrik XLR4 headset connector and a separately routable internal speaker; this allows to create two independent audio mixes for the public facing speaker(s) while allowing for private communication via a handset or headset. The internal RJ45 network port allows for flush installations and powers the device via PoE.

What's in the box?

The Green-GO WPX Wall Panel X comes with the following package contents:

  • 1 x Green-GO WPX Wall Panel X
  • 1 x Printed quickstart guide
Optional Green-GO accessories
  • Green-GO HSA05 handset
  • Green-GO HS200S single ear & HS200D dual ear headset
  • Green-GO PoE network switches

Device overview

Front panel

MCX Rack Station Front Overview

3 Multicolor Buttons
The three multicolor Buttons are primarily used to open a channel for voice communication or to control a function. As a secondary function, the multicolor buttons serve as a status indicator with their back-light.
1 TFT Touchscreen
Status information on channels or functions is presented to the user in a clear and compact manner on the full-color TFT touchscreen. The touchscreen provides easy access to a bank of six freely configurable channels or functions.
1 Multifunction Encoder
The multifunction Encoder allows for rotation and clicks and is mainly used to navigate the setup menu or control specific functions like volume control.
1 Front Speaker
The WPX Wall Panel X comes with an internal 2-watt loudspeaker as separately routable hardware output. Additionally, an external speaker can be connected to the same hardware output.
1 Neutrik XLR4-Male Headset Connector
It is possible to connect any headset to the XLR4 male connector. The built-in amplifier supports an impedance range from 32 Ω to 600 Ω.

Internal connectors

WPX Internal Connetors

External Speaker(s)
It's possible to connect an external speaker (max. 8 Ω, 10 W) to the device's internal screw terminals. The internal and external speakers are connected to the same hardware output and will always work together.
1 PoE powered 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Connector
The internal 10/100 Mbps RJ45 connector serves as power input and connection to the local network.

The user interface

WPX Default UI Overview

The Green-GO WPX Wall Panel X user interface is a simpler version of the MCX rack or MCX desktop user station. It features the same 2-watt built-in speaker, Encoder, and also shares the Touchscreen and multicolor Buttons, but in a different configuration.

Tip: Please check our quickstart guide to find a detailed description on how to use or quickly set up this device in a Green-GO system.

Channel and function control

WPX Buttons and Display With only three multicolor Buttons, the WPX Wall Panel X only provides direct access to 3 Channels.

The three Buttons on the left of the display and their corresponding Touchscreen sections are directly linked and show channel information and status. The three touchscreen sections to the right mainly serve the purpose of function and communication control.

However, the WPX Wall Panel X user interface is freely configurable, and either channels or functions can be configured on any button or touchscreen section.

Channel status colors

With the factory default settings, the multicolor Buttons signal the channel status as follows:

Color State Status Description
Solid Free The channel has no communication target assigned.
Solid No Member No remote device or user is available on this channel.
Solid Idle The channel is assigned and idle.
Solid Active A remote user or device has activated the channel talk but is not transmitting audio.
Solid Active VOX The channel is receiving vox communication.
Blinking Active Muted The channel is muted but also receiving vox communication.
Solid Talk The channel has been manually opened and will transmit any audio from the active input.
Solid Autotalk The channel has been automatically opened and will transmit any audio from the active input.
Solid Call The channel received a short call signal.
Blinking Alert Call The channel is receiving or sending an alert call signal.
Blinking Cue Attention The channel is receiving or sending a cue attention signal.
Solid Cue GO The channel is receiving or sending a cue GO signal.
Solid GPIO Control The channel is transmitting a GPIO Control signal.

Channel display

When linked to a channel, the touchscreen section displays the following information:

WPX Channel UI

Channel Status
The red X indicates that the Green-GO Engine can't reach any remote device for the configured channel target.
Channel ID
This shows the ID of the channel. Usually, a user has access to channels 1 through 32.
Display Name
The name or display name of the channel target (user or group).
Channel Color
The channel color is defined by the channel target (user or group).
Channel Volume
The current channel volume level.

Configuring the user interface

The WPX Wall Panel X user interface is highly configurable: Any function or channel can be assigned to any Button and Touchscreen section.

However, it is recommended to use the left Buttons and Touchscreen sections only for channels and use functions for communication control on the right.

The assignments can be configured in the setup menu Buttons.

Setup Menu Guide
Setup Menu
└──> Device
    └──> Buttons
        ├──> Button 1 # (1)
        ├──> Button 2
        ├──> Button 3
        ├──> Button 4 # (2)
        ├──> Button 5
        └──> Button 6
  1. Button 1 - 3 assign a function or channel to both of the respective Button and Touchscreen section.
  2. Button 4 - 6 assign a function to the respective Touchscreen sections exlusively.

Tip: It's now possible to easily save all locally made changes into the configuration file or pre-programming the UI using the Green-GO Control software.

The channel flex list

The flex list is a new UI concept introduced with Green-GO 5.

BPX Cannel Flex List

The function essentially enables the user to quickly change a channel's communication target to a set of 20 pre-defined destinations (users and groups). This allows comfortable and easy control over more channels on devices with limited or crammed user interfaces.

The flex list items can be added and configured either directly in a device's User Settings setup menu or with the help of the software.

The flex list is enabled on a per-channel basis by configuring a channel's Channel Mode to Flex. Doing so on multiple channels gives independent access to the same flex list.

Setup Menu Guide
Setup Menu
└──> User
    └──> Settings
        ├──> ...
        └──> Flex List # (1)
            ├──> ...
            └──> - Add - # (2)
  1. This setting allows to configure the device's flex list.
  2. Up to 20 items can be added to the device's flex list. Existing items can be removed by selecting them and chosing the option None.
Setup Menu
└──> User
    └──> Channels
        └──> CH #
            ├──> ...
            └──> Channel Mode: Flex # (1)
  1. The flex list becomes available as soon as a channel's mode is set to Flex.

Changing a channel's destination

MCX Cannel Flex List

Changing a channel's destination with the flex by touching the channel's Touchscreen section while the Screen Function is set to Listen.

This brings up the flex list selection menu that can be navigated by rotating the Encoder. A new channel destination is chosen by clicking the Encoder.

Warning: Please be aware that a channel with Channel Mode: Flex configured can't be muted by simply touching the Touchscreen section. Muting only works by clicking the Encoder while pressing the channel's Touchscreen section.


The WPX Wall Panel X comes with a set of useful default functions that can be assigned to any Button and its Touchscreen section.

General functions

Channel 1 - 32 Function

These functions allow for a quick (re-)adjustment of the visual arrangement on the device without changing the user's configuration through the software.

No Function / Empty Function

This function completely clears a Button and its Touchscreen section and removes functionality.

Operation mode switches

The MCX rack and MCXD desktop station can be operated in three modes that primarily dictate a Touchscreen section's function. The listed functions below all allow for switching between the three modes of operation: Listen, Call, and Cue.

Warning: The multicolor buttons normally open a channel for voice communication, regardless of the active operation mode. Toggling between modes will only affect the buttons function if the option Button Mode is set to Mode.

Listen Mode Function This function switches the mode of operation to voice communication.

When active, the Touchscreen section of any assigned channel can be tapped to mute or unmute it. Pressing the Touchscreen and rotating the Encoder adjusts the channel volume.

Tip: Please be aware that this mode enables the talk function for the multicolor buttons, should the option Button Mode be set to Mode.

Call Mode Function This function switches the mode of operation to call signals. When activated, the Touchscreen section of any assigned channel can be tapped to send a call signal.

When pressed for more than 3 seconds, an Alarm Call will be sent until the touchscreen section is rereleased.

Listen-Call Mode Function This function serves as a toggle to switch between the communication modes Listen and Call.

The Listen function will be prioritized when (re-)activating the function with the multicolor Button.

Cue Mode Function This function switches the mode of operation to cue signals. When activated, the Touchscreen section of any assigned channel can be tapped to initiate a cue signal.

The action that is performed when touching the Touchscreen section can be changed. Usually, an attention cue signal is sent to the selected channel. Tapping the touch screen again progresses the cue phase.

This behavior can be changed to sent direct GO cue signals by pressing the touchscreen section of the function itself. Which mode of the function is currently active is displayed in the function itself:

  1. Cue GO is the normal operation, described above.
  2. Direct GO directly sends a go signal to the selected channel. This skips the attention and ready phase.

Warning: Please be aware that outgoing cues can only be manipulated while the cue mode is active. Outgoing cue signals will still be shown but can't be cleared or progressed when using other operational modes (listen or call).

Communication control

Isolate Function This function mutes all channels that do not have an active talk enabled. Channels will be unmuted as soon as no channel has the talk function enabled.

This function is helpful to control incoming audio in hectic systems. It limits the received audio to active user communications.

Warning: Please be aware that utilizing the Isolate function will cut off all channels except the channels that the user currently talks on. You will only be reachable through call or cue signals on muted channels.

Answer/Reply Function This function enables the user to answer incoming voice communication. The function will always act as a momentary switch, only allowing for push-to-talk style communications.

The display will either show the linked user or the channel (s) it will reply to.

Depending on the Reply Mode setting's configuration, this function will only reply to the last opened channel or all current ongoing voice transmissions.

Warning: Be aware that this function will stay active after the last received transmission. The delay is configured with the Active Time setting.

Current limits of function design on this device

While this function is available on the Green-GO WPX Wall Panel X, it will only work when assigned to one of the first three Touchscreen sections. The reason is that the current function design requires a physical Button to actuate the function itself.

Mic Kill Function This function acts as a remote switch, disabling the talk function on all currently active users on a channel.

The Mic Kill function works with groups and users as channel targets.

Warning: Use this function with care, as it can disrupt ongoing user communication.

Cough Mute Function This function allows muting the currently active user input temporarily.

The microphone will be muted for the duration of the Button or Touchscreen press (momentary). Channels will keep their talk enabled while the function is active.

Cue Cancel Function This function allows aborting either all or selected outgoing cue signals.

The functions multicolor Button must be pressed together with the Touchscreen section of the channel to abort a particular cue signal.

The Button and Touchscreen section of the function itself must be pressed to abort all currently outgoing cue signals.

Tip: If Button Mode is configured to Mode the Button of a channel can be used to abort a cue signal as well.

Volume control

These functions generally allow for volume control with the help of the Encoder.

Speaker Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume of the internal speaker.

The configured volume is stored in the currently active Audio Profile.

Headset Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume of a connected headset.

The configured volume is stored in the currently active Audio Profile.

Main Volume Function This function is intended to provide status information over the device's current main volume.

This function doesn't need to be used to adjust the main volume!

Direct Channel Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume for the special direct channel.

Program Audio Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume for the special program audio channel.

Announcements Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume for the special announcements channel.

Emergency Volume Function This function allows for quick adjustment of the volume for the special emergency channel.

The setup menu

Technical specifications


Audio inputs

Headset connector

Audio outputs

Headset connector

Internal speaker




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