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The Si4WR 4-Wire Interface

Si4WR Front View

Intro Text

What's in the box?

The Green-GO Si4WR 4-wire interface comes with the following package contents:

  • 1 x Green-GO Si4WR 4-wire interface
  • 1 x Printed quickstart guide
Optional Green-GO accessories
  • Green-GO PoE network switches

Device overview

Front panel

Si4WR Front Panel

4 Buttons
The four Buttons are used to enter and navigate the setup menu.
4 RGB Status LEDs
The device or channel status is presented by four powerful RGB LEDs.
1 OLED Display
The high contrast, color OLED display presents channel and device information clearly but compactly.

Back panel

Si4WR Back Panel

1 PoE Powered 10/100 Mbps Neutrik EtherCON
The 10/100 Mbps Neutrik EtherCON serves as power input and connection to the local network.
1 Neutrik XLR3-Female Line-Input
The balanced XLR3 male line-input connector allows injecting analog audio signals via groups into a Green-GO intercom system.
1 Neutrik XLR3-Male Line-Output
The balanced XLR3 female line-output connector allows extracting analog audio signals from a group to external receivers.

The user interface

Si4WR User Interface

The user interface of the Si4WR slim 4-wire interface is simple and compact. On the top, the user that is currently linked to the interface is shown.

The currently enabled channel(s) and the signal level coming from the connected XLR3 line input is displayed right below the username.

On the bottom of the screen, the currently receiving channel(s) is displayed together with the received signal level going to the connected XLR line output.

Tip: Please check out our 4-Wire Systems Guide to find out more on how to configure your 4-wire system or analog audio integration.

The setup menu

The setup menu allows local access to almost all settings of the user and device configuration. All changes in the setup menu are done and stored locally on the device but can be easily synced back into the configuration file using the Green-GO Control software. These settings are also persistent on the device unless overwritten.

Si4WR Setup Menu

The setup menu can be accessed by pressing Button 1+Button 2 together.

Si4WR Setup Menu

Once inside the setup menu, Button 3 and Button 4 can be used to navigate up or down.

Button 1 confirms a selection or enters a submenu.

Button 2 can be used to either cancel a selection or go one menu level higher.

Access to the setup menu can be restricted by configuring the security options of a configuration file or user with the help of the Green-GO Control software. The user may be asked to enter the Tech Pincode before access is given in restrictive security configurations.

Tip: More information on security options can be found here.

Technical specifications


Audio input

Line input

Audio output

Line output




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