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Last update: December 7, 2023

The Q4WR Quad 4-Wire Interface

Q4WR Front View

The Q4WR 4-Wire Interface is a quad port 4-Wire device, used for integrating line level audio signals, in and out of the system. Featuring a full-color TFT or LCD display that shows information about channels, cue signals; configurable by a multifunction encoder, with access to many of the same functions and features as most other Green-GO devices.

Connectivity to 4-wire systems is achieved via 4x XLR3F and 4x XLR3M. Powered via PoE through the network cable connected to the devices Ethercon port or 12V DC connector (power supply not included).

The term 4-wire refers to two pairs of (balanced) wires, providing independent, bidirectional audio lines. They can act as a general-purpose line in/out device suitable for show relay and announcements or for linking to an external intercom channel.

What's in the box?

The Green-GO Q4WR quad 4-wire interface comes with the following package contents:

  • 1 x Green-GO Q4WR quad 4-wire interface
  • 1 x Printed quickstart guide
Optional Green-GO accessories
  • Green-GO PoE network switches

Device overview

Front panel

Q4WR Front Overview

Back panel

Q4WR Back Overview

1 12V DC barrel connector
The 12V DC barrel connector serves as the secondary power input and can be used with an optional power supply.
1 2-Port 10/100 Mbps Neutrik EtherCON Switch
A 2-port 10/100 Mbps network switch with Neutrik EtherCON connectors. The first network port LAN 1 accepts PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and is the primary power input for the device.
4 D-Sub 9 GPIO connector
Two GPIO D-Sub9 connector each serve two in- and outputs for external control interfacing. Each GPIO port is directly linked to one 4-wire Green-GO Engine port.
4 - 4-Wire Ports
A Neutrik XLR3-Female Line-Input and A Neutrik XLR3-Male Line-Output for each port . The balanced XLR3 male line-input connector allows injecting analog audio signals into the Green-GO system. The balanced XLR3 female line-output connector allows extracting analog audio signals from the Green-GO system. Audio signals from and to the port are processed dependant on the 4 wire port mode.

The user interface

The user interface features one color TFT display and one multifunction Encoder.

Q4WR UI Overview

The main screen features an overview of the device's Green-GO Engines with their current in- and output levels and (last) active channels. The top of the screen features the device's name and general network status.

A red X in the top right corner of the screen indicates no online configuration members found.

The setup menu

Reset the memory cache

Tip: You will lose any device configuration by clearing the memory cache of your device.

While it is not necessary to reset a device's memory cache after updating a version 5 firmware, it may help to resolve issues after an update process has been completed. Resetting a device's memory cache is done in the forced Boot Mode:

  1. Power down your device.
  2. While powering up your device, press the Encoder
  3. You can release the button after the device booted into the forced Boot Mode.
  4. Press and hold the button identified in step two again for approximately 30 seconds.
  5. While resetting, devices with a display will show a countdown.
  6. Release the button after the countdown has run down.
  7. Restart your device.

Technical specifications


Audio inputs

Line input

Audio outputs

Line output


General purpose inputs

General purpose outputs




Written by: Chad Phelps, Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups