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Last update: December 7, 2023

The BCN Beacon Signal Light

BCN Dynamic View

The Green-GO BCN beacon is a versatile signal indicator with a transparent casing, and a bright RGB LED array that indicates any incoming communication signal. The new channel colors allow for easy multi-use facilitating the colors to indicate communication on different channels. In addition, the device features a passive backlight mode to serve dark areas with blue light.

The Green-GO BCN beacon's backside features a simple user interface in the form of a Button that can quickly change the linked user. Power is either supplied via PoE through a network cable connected to the device's Ethercon port or by connecting the mini USB port to a 5V power supply. Additionally, the mini USB port provides two GPIO input connections on the data lines as a secondary use.

What's in the box?

The Green-GO BCN beacon signal light comes with the following package contents:

  • 1 x Green-GO BCN beacon signal light
  • 1 x Printed quickstart guide
Optional Green-GO accessories
  • Green-GO PoE network switches

Device overview

Back panel

BCN Back Panel

1 PoE Powered 10/100 Mbps Neutrik EtherCON
The 10/100 Mbps Neutrik EtherCON serves as power input and connection to the local network.
1 ⅜" Tripod Socket
The metal ⅜" tripod socked enables flexible mounting with stands or clamps.
1 Status LED
The RGB status LED informs the user about the current device and connection state.
1 Button
The Button is primarily used to enable group or user assignment
1 Mini-USB Port
The mini-USB port can act as an alternative power source. It enables operation without the use of a PoE network switch.
In addition, the data lines can be used as GPIO inputs and connect external control surfaces.

The user interface

The user interface on the Green-GO BCN beacon consists of only one Button and one status LED on the bottom of the device.

The primary use for the Button is to quickly change the user assignment of the device. As a secondary function, the button can be used to start the device into Boot Mode.

Changing the user

You don't need the software to assign a user to your Green-GO BCN beacon; instead, you can perform two steps to set a user:

  1. Press and hold the Button for approximately two seconds.
  2. The status LED should blink red, indicating readiness.
  3. Send a call signal to the user you want to assign to the Green-GO BCN beacon.
  4. The status LED returns to its normal state. The user who received the call is assigned.

This can be helpful to quickly change the designated target for a Green-GO BCN to signal incoming communications.

GPIO inputs

The beacon uses the two data lines of the USB connection as GPIO inputs. These inputs are only usable via scripting.

The Pin-out of the GPI on the USB connector

Pin default color Function
Data + green gpi1
Data - White gpi2
Ground black common

Connecting or disconnecting one of the two data lines to Common/Ground will trigger a ui.button[x] event that can be used in a script to implement any feature, command or action in the Green-GO system or one of its integrations.

an example of such a Beacon GPI script

Reset the memory cache

Tip: You will lose any device configuration by clearing the memory cache of your device.

While it is not necessary to reset a device's memory cache after updating a version 5 firmware, it may help to resolve issues after an update process has been completed. Resetting a device's memory cache is done in the forced Boot Mode:

  1. Power down your device.
  2. While powering up your device, press the: Button
  3. You can release the button after the device booted into the forced Boot Mode. it wil feature a blinking status LED.
  4. Press and hold the button identified in step two again for approximately 30 seconds.
  5. While resetting, devices will feature a fast blinking status LED.
  6. Release the button after the status LED starts slowly blinking .
  7. Restart your device.

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Written by: Henk-Jan Blok, Timo Toups