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Report a Bug or Issue

Thank you for helping us to improve Green-GO 5. We're happy to have you on the team!

Please feel free to contact us if you think you've found a bug with the latest firmware and software build. We are thankful for every feedback, but please be aware that the quality of your feedback dramatically influences the chances for a quick fix.

Read below for guidance on how to report your issue.

Posting guidelines

We want to fix all the issues as soon as possible, but before fixing a bug, we need to reproduce and confirm it. We will systematically ask you to provide a minimal reproduction scenario using the issue template in markdown syntax below to reproduce your bug.

Please try to stick to the issue template when submitting your post.

Check for firm- & software updates

Make sure you're using the latest firmware and software (macOS or Windows) available before reporting your issue. Maybe your problem has already been resolved with our latest release.

How to check the firmware and software versions?

You have two options checking the firmware version installed on your devices:

  1. On-device in the Info setup menu.
  2. In the connection view. Either the network or USB tab features a column showing the device's firmware.

Software version and build

The software version and build can be found inside the application settings.

Clicking the about button will bring up a popup that features the version and build of the software.

Search for your problem

Please search our forums and documentation (troubleshooting guide, device documentations, software documentation, etc.), maybe a post for your problem already exists, and the discussion might inform you of workarounds readily available.

Create your post

Please feel free to create a post if you could not find any existing posts related to your issue. However, please try to keep the scope of your post limited to only one issue (or as few as possible). This makes discussion easier and makes the tracking of single issues easier.

Issue template

## Problem description

<!-- Please provide a brief description of the problem or bug. -->

### Systems information

- OS (incl. version): ...
- Firmware version: ...
- Software build: ...
- Issue reproduced with device(s): ...

### Expected behavior

<!-- Please describe what you expected to happen. -->

### Actual behavior

<!-- Please describe what is actually happening. -->

### Steps to reproduce the bug

<!-- Please provide the steps to reproduce the issue. -->

### Configuration file

<!-- Please provide the configuration file that you reproduced the issue on. -->

Packet captures

Depending on your issue, you may be asked to provide some network packet captures of your problem. While this may sound a bit scary, it's actually quite simple:

  1. Download and install Wireshark on your system.
  2. Configure your switch to mirror the switch port of a problematic Green-GO device to your PCs network interface. (e.g., Cisco SG300, Netgear, D-Link DGS 1210)
  3. Start Wireshark on the correct network interface selected and the following capture filter: UDP port 5810. Wireshark will start capturing relevant network traffic after confirming the filter with Enter.
  4. After confirming that you are capturing network traffic from your problematic device, you need to reproduce the issue on the device.
  5. When you have reproduced the issue successfully, you can stop, save, and upload the network capture.