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Green-GO: A Scalable Intercom Solution

Green-GO is an IP-based intercom system. Devices are connected using regular network switches with power typically supplied via PoE (IEEE 802.3af).

Green-GO differs from most intercom systems on the market because it does not require a central processing unit or matrix while still providing true matrix capabilities. The peer-to-peer nature of Green-GO makes the system highly flexible and genuinely scalable, allowing for efficient setups. Even on existing network infrastructure.

Green-GO offers communication with very low latency (10 ms) and low network bandwidth (< 400 kbps per active channel) while maintaining high audio quality (up to 48 kHz).

Each device provides access to 32 individual channels with full-duplex audio communication and support for non-verbal communications like call or cue signs. Every channel target is configurable individually to provide either a private communication to a single user or a public communication to a group of users.

Smallest configuration

The smallest possible Green-GO system consists of only two devices and a small network switch, providing PoE. From there, the system can quickly scale by simply adding or removing devices and growing your network.

External audio signals can be sent into or out of the Green-GO intercom system using one of the many analog or digital audio interfaces from the product range. External audio signals are generally transported via groups and received by any group member on the local network.

A Green-GO system can be managed and configured live or in pre-production with the free Green-GO control software available for Windows and macOS.